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Why Should You Choose Dr. Williams?

     More and more women in Westlake Village have made Dr. Troy Williams OBGYN their new choice for pregnancy care, birth control, and health maintenance. The obvious question is why? Each day our office sees new patients who are nurses from Los Robles Hospital, business professionals, Merck employees, and representatives from every walk of life.

     Many patients transfer to our practice because they have been treated like a number in other offices. Dr. Williams has the philosophy that every patient is important and that every patient deserves our attention and respect.

     Dr. Williams loves his patients. He considers everyone who enters the doors of his OBGYN practice to be a friend for life. He enjoys seeing them at The Oaks Mall, at Sprouts grocery store, and at local sporting events where he coaches little league. He feels that there is no greater honor than the trust bestowed upon him by first time parents who enter his roof.

     Dr. Williams is the OBGYN that other doctors call on and depend on for help. 

 Dr. Troy Williams is the OBGYN that many others in the community trust and depend on to be of assistance.

     Dr. Williams feels that his career as an OBGYN is his vocation in life. Every miracle that occurs and every life saved is a part of God's plan. That principal guides every decision that Dr. Williams makes, whether it is in the office or the operating room.

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