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OBGYN Newsletter 5

The Affordable Care Act

Dear Friends,

As we learn more about the Affordable Care Act we all are attempting to understand what it means to the future of health care. We have learned of positive aspects such as decreasing deductibles and increases in coverage for maternity. No more co-pays for birth control and 100% coverage for annual exams. Unfortunately, the effects of these changes are going to involve many sacrifices by physicians.

Solo practice physicians are in jeopardy. The likely movement will be toward large group operations such as Kaiser Medical Foundation. The idea is assembly line medicine. Everyone gets care but visits are short, appointments are few, and there is a different doctor present for every visit.

What can you do to protect your freedom of choice as a patient? One thing is to keep in touch with your workplace human resources department. Find which options allow you to continue seeing your doctor and be aware of any changes during open enrollment periods.

Support your solo practice physician by doing three things:

1. Follow up with your doctor as directed for annual exams and other screening tests.

2. Refer a friend who is starting a new family or just moved to the area.

3. Review your physician online so that others in the community know where to seek out quality care.

My Obstetrics & Gynecology practice is committed to bringing you first-class evidence based medical care for years to come. That includes same day appointments when possible, onsite ultrasound examinations, and acceptance of almost all insurances.

Looking Forward to Seeing You for Years to Come.

Dr. Troy Williams, OBGYN

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