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Community Service & Outreach

     Since his arrival in 2008, Dr. Troy Williams has been a champion of protecting the value of life and unborn pregnancies. He has been a volunteer physician at the Simi Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center, Moorpark Crisis Pregnancy Center, Conejo Valley Women's Resource Center, Ventura Crisis Pregnancy Center, Life Choices Pregnancy Center Ojai and is looking to continue his mission at the Life Centers of Ventura County in Oxnard. In an effort to provide the for patients at risk Dr. Williams volunteers his time and expertise on a regular basis and is an annual donor. The purpose of each of these centers is to affirm life and provide a network of care that includes counseling, healing support, and resources that help women make informed decisions. If you have a friend or family member with an unexpected pregnancy please contact Dr. Williams or one of the many facilities listed below for support and guidance.

(Please visit website go-fund-me tab to become a member !)

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