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Patient Reviews!

     Over the years, I have been truly honored by the wonderful letters of appreciation that patients have written along with their on-line reviews. Now I would like to share them with you as well. Please visit and and you will find letters like the one I have attached below!

11/2/12 (5555) comments: I found out about Dr. Williams through the Tricare office, on the Port Hueneme base in Oxnard. I know that it was God who directed me to find the perfect doctor. This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to have the best doctor who knew what he/she was doing and would make me feel comfortable throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. I have been thanking God everyday because Dr. Williams and his staff made me feel very safe throughout the whole pregnancy. My husband met Dr. Williams for the first visit when I was 7 wks pregnant, and my husband did not have any complaints about Dr. Williams or his staff. After the first visit, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Going to Dr. Williams office made me feel at home and very comfortable, especially since my husband was away. Even though I had a minor scare, in the middle of the pregnancy, Dr. Williams did everything to help me through it. Dr. Williams supported my decision about not wanting any pain meds during labor. Insurance: Tricare Paid/Co-pay: N/A

Respondemoticon *10/29/12 (5555) comments: We LOVE Dr. Williams! He was the first OB we interviewed when we moved to TO & didn't bother interviewing anyone else. It was important for me & my husband to find a doctor whom was genuinely supportive of our natural birth plan and we feel very lucky that we were all on the same page from day 1. I was pleasantly surprised at how much time he spent with us during our very first visit and he was always patient with all my questions throughout the pregnancy. My husband and I wanted minimal interventions and that's exactly what we got. Dr. Williams even faxed our birth plan to the hospital in advance. All the nurses we worked with never once offered us pain meds during labor. In a nutshell, my labor began & progressed very quickly. Dr. Williams arrived at the hospital shortly after we did & in three pushes my baby was out! I can't thank Dr. Williams enough for such a flawless delivery. We feet so blessed to have had our dream birth experience & could not have hoped for a better doctor! Insurance: Medicaid / Medi-Cal Paid/Co-pay: N/A

Respondemoticon *10/22/12 (5555) comments: Dr.Williams & his staff are WONDERFUL! I could not imagine having a different OBGYN. He is such a caring & knowledgeable person both in the office and the delivery room! This is the type of care every person wants especially during such an important time, for me it was having my first child. Dr.Williams never once rushed through an appointment & never made us feel crazy for the questions we asked. I always get nervous when I know that I have to have a female exam yet Dr.Williams made sure that I was good to go before he done anything & even explained step by step what was to come next. The day I was induced I seen him many times & even after working hours he called the room to check on us which was super nice. I love the fact that you are his patient & he is there to deliver the baby unless an emergency that was really important to me! We will be stationed here for 3 more yrs & I would never think of using a different dr if we decided to have more. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Williams!! Respondemoticon *10/22/12 (5555) comments: Doc Williams is the best you can ever hope for!!! He will make the entire experience special and more importantly make you feel special. I cannot think of anything negative to say about him honestly. As for the categories on the rating chart.....his staff was very helpful, he has never been late, his knowledge was vast and he answered everything we wanted to know. If you find this hard to believe go meet him and find out for yourself, I have never met a more sincere person. Seriously I have no idea why someone would go to someone else, he's just so kind and caring. After the birth he was here at the crack of dawn checking up on us and he was such a support in this whole event it was amazing. Go meet him and u will instantly feel like a better person. We searched for the right doc and when we found Troy Williams it was the easiest decision to make. It was more like how could we not want him???

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